November 2018 update. 

Sciryuda exhibitions

My exhibition of Sciryuda images has now ended.  I hope you managed to find time to see them.  For those that did, thank you very much and to those of you who left comments and made contact with me, I really appreciate it and I have learned from you.  The exhibitions took place at Worksop and West Bridgford libraries and I would like to thank their staff for all of their help, assistance and support.  Many thanks overall to Inspire Culture.

Thank you to London Independent Photography for promoting here, and to Shutter Hub, here.


Nottingham Off-Centre Independent Photo Festival

This is a new Independent Photo Festival with work exhibited by Nottinghamshire Photographers.  I am delighted that one of my 'Maun' images (below) is being displayed.  Off-Centre will be displaying work at a variety of locations within Nottingham from 27th October to 11th November 2018.  More information here

River Maun : West Drayton : Nottinghamshire

Photomonth London : London Independant Photography (LIP)

Three of my images, below, were exhibited at the Annual LIP Exhibition which took place in October at the Espacio Gallery at Bethnal Green, London.

Photomonth London : Shutter Hub (Photographers)

One of my River Maun images (below) was exhibited in the Shutter Hub Annual Exhibition which took place at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London.  A gallery of some of my other images can be seen on the Shutter Hub website here.

River Maun, Sherwood Forest (Sciryuda)


New work and galleries.

I continue to work slowly on my River Maun project, starting from where it concludes and simply, silently and without any fuss joins another river, and then moving and tracking back to its source.  Of course, this sort of project has been done before but this is my river.  The River Maun is one of the rivers that flows through the heart of Sherwood Forest (Sciryuda), and is a related but separate follow-on project.  Please see some images within the Blog section and a further selection of images in this site, start here.  Arrangements have now been confirmed  to exhibit the 'Maun' images at a number of venues in Nottinghamshire next year, 2019 and early 2020.  Further information to follow.

I continue to explore Sciryuda and have recently uploaded some new images.  

Adam Dunning has recently uploaded a new gallery called Fish Town.  A wonderful sequence of images that were taken last year.  Please keep an eye on his blog too where recent posts have featured his superb 'Wood For The Trees' and other contemporary images, including some fascinating work from Scarborough on the North East Coast and the village of Grieth in Germany.

Terence Lane.

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