The A3+ book. The card for the case has now been cut and placed to test / measure.  The bone folder is about 6" long.  Need to order the Buckram now (doubled in price since Covid!!)

As above, the slight bend in the top cover will flatten out, it will have an opening flap on the inside to reveal a section that will contain a removable print or information.  This was designed in to accommodate the gap that is unavoidable due to the wire-o (Friedlanders book did the same).

Showing the Spine end.

Book open showing wire-o bind.  The green covered board is just visible at the bottom of the book block, this will be glued to the base.

Open book with pic, wire-o visible.

As above.

As above,Wire-o and spine section.  The bit that will have the flap to reveal a print / more info is where the bone folder is.

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