The image below is entitled 'The Bin Man' and was one of a number of scarecrows produced by a Sherwood Forest community to appreciate and celebrate the work and contribution of Key Workers during the first lockdown of the Covid-19 crisis.  This and two other images were selected to appear in the London Independent Photography 2020 Annual Exhibition which had to be shown online.  See below for more information. 
The Bin Man, Laxton, Nottinghamshire.
The theme for the 2020 exhibition was LIP Chronicles:  Life Under Lockdown.  Supporting the images, I provided the accompanying text:
There has been a lot of suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic so far and much that we take for granted has had to stop, is disrupted or is not available.  The lockdown rules have impacted on family, friends, work, pastimes and play.  We must however never lose sight of the passion and commitment that key workers and volunteers have displayed by keeping vital and important services running.
This year, the Agricultural Show in Nottinghamshire was cancelled and Covid restrictions meant that the task of raising money for charity would not be as easy as usual. 
‘Make, Donate, Nominate’ was organised by J and K, joint Chairwomen of the Nottinghamshire Young Farmers Charity.  This inclusive challenge was to make a scarecrow that represents any key worker, make a donation and then nominate friends to do the same.  The idea was for the scarecrows to cheer people up, especially those key workers on their way to and from work.  Money raised was donated to our National Health Service.
Making the best of things, creativity was tested as access to resources that are normally available to scarecrow makers was limited.  The ‘Two Metre’ reminder scarecrows with shopping basket were made by JG, the ‘Thank You Key Workers’ by KG and the ‘Bin Man’ was made by RD (aged 7).  These were situated in the villages of Laxton and Moorhouse.
Whilst complying with the lockdown rules I managed to get out to have a good look at the scarecrows.  I was fascinated and yes, these photographs are of scarecrows, but they are about so much more.  What I was presented with and captured was positive and uplifting which altogether gives hope in these difficult times.
Terence Lane, 2020.

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