Aligned to my ongoing Sherwood Forest ‘Sciryuda’ work, these images show various activities on the outskirts of the forest, sometimes seen from within looking out, sometimes from outside looking in or towards.
Although managed and protected, the forest is diminishing as urban areas slowly edge and move towards the rural, as agricultural land gives way and is made available for housing estates. 
There may be an irony here.  An ancient oak field-marker ( 'The Lookout' ) defines a very old and established boundary that has now been crossed.  New trees and saplings have been planted as the area quickly develops.  This may help new inhabitants and visitors, from near or far, feel as though they are in part of the forest, albeit a new one.  The building company may be able to say and show that they care.  All but one of the images below reveal, sometimes only very slightly, the forest which is being edged out. 
Environmental considerations are evident which is good news but the forest and the views that we once had are being slowly suffocated.  "Not too far . . ." - I think.  We must look after what we have, be careful, our heritage, our future.
The Lookout - Oak.
Which way ?
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