I have been making photographs for a long time.  Ever since I was a young boy.  Fascinated when my Dad got the old family photograph album out, I was just as interested in the negatives as I was the 'normal' pictures.  Worthy of a comedy sketch, I remember my Dad telling me where to stand, then setting the timer on his camera, balancing and positioning it on the top of a pair of stepladders and then running across to join me just before the shutter went.  His camera was a German Voigtländer Bessa which he had aquired in Hamburg right at the end of the Second World War.  I have the camera now and often wonder about the light and the images that placement and time has allowed to pass through the lens.  The camera was obviously there at every exposure, every image it ever made and I value the connection as I look at the images made from it that still exist.  The Voigtländer has recently been serviced and at nearly one hundred years old, it works like new.  School provided opportunities too as Mr Bond, our teacher and a brilliant artist, had some of us making pinhole cameras and the images were upside down!  He allowed me to borrow a book by Paul Strand and so there it started.  Work got in the way but now, with some more time on my hands, I have been able to immerse myself a little more, have exhibited, been published and now have images held in private collections.  I am particularly interested in Sherwood Forest and the surrounding area, where my ancestors worked the land and where I have lived for almost all of my life. 
Even when I cannot get outdoors, I have many books by other photographers and am happy browsing through those, finding and learning something new every time.  Significant inspiration for me comes from Paul Strand, Josef Sudek, Robert Adams, Thomas Joshua Cooper, John Blakemore, Paul Hill, Adam Dunning, Mick Fattorini, Fay Godwin, Eliot Porter, Raymond Moore, Gerry Johansson, Jan Töve, Mr and Mrs Becher, Michael Schmidt, George Logan, J. H. Lartigue, Eugene Atget, Harry Callahan, George Tice, Lee Friedlander, Stephen Shore, Laura Gilpin, Sally Mann, Imogen Cunningham, Pentti Sammallahti, Fazal Sheikh, Jem Southam, Chris Killip, John Davis, Paul Caponigro, M.E.M Donaldson - well the list just goes on.  The writings of John O'Donohue, Geoff Dyer, Robert Adams, Paul Hill, John Berger, Carl G. Jung, Robert Henri, Christopher Neve, Max Adams, Katie Holten and more.

2020 Sciryuda.  Newark Town Hall, Nottinghamshire. (Postponed - Covid-19)
2019 Maun.  Mansfield Museum, Nottinghamshire.
2019 Sciryuda.  Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire.
2019 Scriyuda.  BeLoved Gallery, Southwell, Nottinghamshire.
2019 Maun. Worksop Library, Nottinghamshire.
2018 Sciryuda.  West Bridgford Library, Nottinghamshire.
2018 Sciryuda.  Worksop Library, Nottinghamshire.
2021 Post Cards From Europe - Shutter Hub.  UK / Europe various.
2021 Post Cards From Great Britain - Shutter Hub. Porto, Portugal.
2021 Post Cards From Great Britain - Shutter Hub. Fuoriluogo, Asti, Italy.
2021 Post Cards From Great Britain - Shutter Hub.  Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands.
2020 32nd London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition (Online due to Covid). Link
2019 31st London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition.
2019 EIEL:  Shutter Hub - ARB Cambridge.
2019 Street / Form - Shutter Hub, Rotterdam.
2019 Home:  Shutter Hub - Usk, Wales.
2018 30th London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition.
2018 Maun.  Nottingham Off-Centre Photography Festival.
2018 Maun.  Shutter Hub - Photomonth East London International Photography Festival, Amsterdam.
2018 Maun. Shutter Hub - Photomonth East London International Photography Festival, London.
2017 Sciryuda.  Shutter Hub - Retina International Festival, Edinburgh.
2017 London Kings Cross.  29th London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition.
2016 Coningswath. 28th London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition.
2021 Royal Photographic Society Journal Vol 161-4, Sciryuda.
2020 London Independent Photography magazine, LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown.
2019 Spring - fLIP London Independent Photography - feature article: Wilderness (Sciryuda).
2019 Winter - fLIP.  London Independent Photography - Exhibition Review.
2019 Spring - fLIP London Independent Photography - feature article: Belonging.
2018 Nottingham Photo Festival Exhibition Catalogue.
2017 Sciryuda.  Window of the World  - Chinese Photographers Magazine.
2017 Spring - fLIP: London Independent Photography: Reflections.
2021 Sciryuda: RPS Associate Submission and Presentation.
2019 Tarifa: Quad Derby (Paul Hill).
2018 Sciryuda: Quad Derby (Paul Hill).
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Voigtländer Bessa.
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