Fast Sim moored up at Goole.

Keadby Vazon Bridge.

Keadby Power Station.





Polished with emery cloth sanding disc attached to a 14,000 rpm grinder.  

Bare, polished Victorian cast iron.

56lb weight.  Polished with emery cloth sanding disc attached to a 14,000 rpm grinder.  

Bare, polished cast iron.

Placed in position, the base has filler which will be sanded smooth.

Painted with red oxide as it will start to rust almost immediately.

Painted with red oxide before filling small knocks and gaps.

Ten A4 cases, the hinge sheets, front cover inset boards and covering.  Note: all green, I didn't have enough of the tan coloured buckram, but I then ran out of green anyway and had to order!

One A4 casing with a book-block to be glued in on the right where the 'L' is - note the white coil binding - very good and pages turn very smoothly.

As above - in situ.

Spine section to be glued on all ten cases.

The front cover inner case panel. These will be covered but cannot go in until the title has been stamped on the front

The Covering for front cover inner-case.

A3+ version, 21" x 15"  - the case for the book, the title has been put in the middle of the green section, my choice - seems ok.

A heated metal stamp is pressed in under quite considerable pressure.

Within the yellow line is a rectangle for a 'tipped in' picture, like on the front of most of the Gerry Johansson books.  The problem was that the pressing machine could not exert enough pressure, a wooden block was used rather than metal so it could not be heated up first.

The warp is not a problem, the buckram when drying 'pulls' against the card, once the other side is lined then it will straighten out.

This shows the area where the picture is going to go, it is not 240gsm (paper thickness) deep though!!

So until I can get as described in the earlier email - I have used three G cramps and will leave for 24 hours.  Too big for the book presses, otherwise the case could have gone into those.  

My process is as we used to say "Heath-Robinson", is a work-around but it should be ok, note the new work bench, cupboards and small shelves.

This is where I am with the book presses, a little more work needed, the frame for the one with brass knobs (on the right, dismantled) is with the engineer at the moment.  Plus I've just got two old double glazed upvc framed windows to replace the ones you can see. 


The A3+ book. The card for the case has now been cut and placed to test / measure.  The bone folder is about 6" long.  Need to order the Buckram now (doubled in price since Covid!!)

As above, the slight bend in the top cover will flatten out, it will have an opening flap on the inside to reveal a section that will contain a removable print or information.  This was designed in to accommodate the gap that is unavoidable due to the wire-o (Lee Friedlanders book did the same).

Showing the Spine end.

Book block open showing wire-o bind.  The green covered board is just visible at the bottom of the book block, this will be glued to the base.

Open book with pic, wire-o visible.

As above.

As above,Wire-o and spine section.  The bit that will have the flap to reveal a print / more info is where the bone folder is.

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