OutForest: Preparations for a changing landscape.
The ancient oak field marker is already in the latter stages of its life but it has for now been protected, bird boxes have been carefully placed and a swing with frayed rope ( ! ) has been attached to its main lower branch, which despite positive intentions is likely to have weakened it.  A kind message has been written on the bottom of the seat.  Clearly a meeting place, people cared.  This ancient oak will become a feature within the new housing estate but once the houses have been built it may be deemed to be too much of a risk.
The hedgerows have been slaughtered and removed.  Surviving insects, nesting birds and other wildlife will need to relocate.  The developers though do claim to have been setting the 'five star' standard.
Areas have been fenced off not just to protect expensive equipment, but to stop people observing.
Shrubs and trees have been planted, all of these add up and count.

Ancient Oak Marker Tree.

The Peace Swing.

Hedge ( i )

Hedge ( ii )

One across.

One down.

Hedge disposal point ( i )

Hedge disposal point ( ii )

The Five Star Standard

Boundary ( i )

Boundary ( ii )

Temporary Horizon

The final picture in this gallery shows a temporary horizon.  What was the view from here a few years ago?  What will the view from here be like in a few years time?  Does it matter?
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