OutForest: Preparations for the changing landscape.
The prints of these images are already historical artifacts.  By standing in the same position where any of the below images were captured, the vista will have changed.  The boundary of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire is changing, new homes are being built upon it, people need somewhere to live so the landscape has to give.  There is a balance between the environment or heritage protection and a need to build close to currently established utilities and infrastructure.  Signs by the roadside upon approaching the area are inviting and celebrate the heritage, the developers do too, obvious from the names given to the housing developments, 'Sherwood Oaks', 'Forest Reach', 'Forest View', or you might even enter the estate via 'First Oak Drive'.
The sequenced images in this gallery are of the new 'Crown Gardens' and 'Sherwood Oaks' housing developments in Sherwood Forest (Forest Town), Nottinghamshire.  

A new landscape.



Thorne Demolition


To form a new landscape

Shovel, parked.

Clearing Marks

Clearing Marks

Clearing Marks

Clearing Marks and Horizon.




Enclosure and Shadow.



Towards the Path.

New Boundary.

The final pictures in this gallery positions us facing a path, almost certainly ancient, that runs between the 'Crown Gardens' and 'Sherwood Oaks' developments.  Some wildlife may stay there but the rest is being disturbed.  Most will adapt, some won't.  It will be interesting to see how this path will be used if at all in the future as the two new communities settle and then develop.
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